YOU4.0 – The Future of YOUR Better SELF

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Getting projects done is on every management task list. However, from my personal experience from numerous projects, it seems not so simple. Every day, I can see that people have no structured way of getting their jobs done. And in today's world with all the social media on our smart phones, the biggest issue is distraction. Therefore, it takes a big deal to stay focused and work for 30 minutes with full discipline at one task. Machines are very good at that. They just do what their software is programmed to do. They follow strict algorithms. If we want

How to become and stay relevant as Project Manager

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How to become and stay relevant as Project Manager is one critical question to ask. If you read our last article, Robots and Machines will take over our jobs, then this question makes even more sense. One sentence points out : “Automation is here to supplement human work, not replace it. But what makes the “human work” relevant in compare to robots and machines? In the last article we said it is to become a Talent. Join the EPC-SUMMIT™ and learn. YES, that’s right. Until then, we want to give you our PMCC MEGA TRENDS Infographic and help you to create

The time the machine will take over your project

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The time Robots and computers will take over our jobs, our projects….. Yeah, may be. Some people and industries fear that machines will outpace humans. Now, that's a statement which is possibly true in a way but it requires a closer look what exactly it means and especially for the EPC-Project industry. The speakers at the EPC-SUMMIT™ will give you an insight on this question if and how machines will take over and what is necessary to keep going in our jobs. Here, you get an insight in advance: Ravin Jesuthasan, and his latest book about Reinventing Jobs explains

A Highlight at the PMCC EPC-SUMMIT™ 2019 – Conflict Free Engineering

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A NOT SO PERFECT WORLD In most of the projects we have been involved in, it is typically the engineering and design phase which takes much longer than expected and some approvals come very late in the project, when construction is already ongoing. Also, the most costs occur due to rework which is caused by errors in the design or the issuing of wrong or outdated drawings during the construction phase. Good engineering management can help, but it still depends on correct and accurate design output. And it is very difficult to estimate and manage the risks coming out

The PMCC EPC-SUMMIT™ 2019 Journey on Autopilot… 

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AUTOPILOT Imagine yourself, sitting comfortably in an airplane, knowing that the pilots went through extensive training and they completed successfully countless simulation training on a flight simulator for that particular airplane. You know that they are trained in difficult situations and their reactions to it have been analysed in detail and the pilots have fine-tuned their skills for the safety of the aircraft and its passengers. Because of this you can calmly enjoy your flight. AUTOPILOT FOR EPC PROJECTS The PMCC EPC-SUMMIT™ 2019 is setup in a similar way. The first 2 days, you will learn about many new topics around


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BECOME A PROJECT MANAGEMENT AWARD WINNER! - PROVE YOUR PROJECT MANAGEMENT SKILLS TO THE WORLD AND INCREASE YOUR FUTURE OPPORTUNITIES..   We are proud to host the first IPMA Awards in South East Asia for Project Managers during the EPC-SUMMIT™ 2019 organized by PMCC CORPORATION. The following two categories (A&B) are offered for 2019 nominations: Young Project Manager of the Year Project Manager of the Year This award will bring you, Acknowledgement of Excellence by IPMA Recognition and Reward at regional and international levels The opportunity to review your project by the IPMA International project assessors Local, Regional and Global

The Journey Begins: PMCC EPC-SUMMIT™ 2019 Launch

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We are proud to introduce the EPC-SUMMIT™ 2019, organized by PMCC for South East Asia in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. After months of transforming a cloud of ideas into reality, here we are now with a unique networking and media event all around EPC projects. But, it is not just a typical EPC event. We take this summit a step further and demonstrate what industry 4.0 can do. We change the way of presentation of the topics. We change the style of the event. And most importantly, the topics are seriously relevant to you and your business to strive with

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