BrainHuddle: An Excerpt of Problem Solving in Project Management

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A preview of the our upcoming BrainHuddle: Problem Solving in Project Management Businesses - why do some fail and others flourish? How do some companies effortlessly adapt to the changing environment and some become extinct like the dinosaurs? The key challenge that every organisation is met with is change. To quote Heraclitus, the Greek philosopher, “Change is the only constant in life”. In the face of inevitable change, how we react to new circumstances has an implication on the final outcome of our business. Find out how you can remove obstacles and unleash your full potential. Use promo code

Post-event | BrainHuddle: How to turn around a sick project?

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Post-BrainHuddle: How to turn around a sick project? First of all, we would like to thank all of the participants of our first BrainHuddle for joining us for this wonderful event. We greatly appreciate all of your feedback and will use it to even further improve the next BrainHuddles. This first BrainHuddle's underlying topic was "How to turn around a sick project?", but the discussions that unfolded proved that there's much more to it than it would seem at first. This first event's speaker, Peter Wyss, talked about early warning signs, health checks, quick fixes and complete

Project Health Check

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BrainHuddle: How to turn around a sick project? A project turnaround is a drastic measure and can be avoided if regular health checks are performed. In our BrainHuddle, we will show a real example of a turnaround, but we emphasize on a simple checklist based on the Project Management IPMA Competences within the project. Because as human beings, we sometimes tend to disregard processes or standards like ISO9001 or specific project documents like PQP, PEP, ITP etc. Over a certain period, we deviate from our performance baseline without realising it. That’s when the project can go in

BrainHuddle: An Excerpt of How to Turn Around a Sick Project

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Upcoming Topics BrainHuddle is based on real cases with lessons learned to deliver best practices, experience, and knowledge for the BrainHuddlers. We are excited to announce that, there will be four sessions of BrainHuddle with the following topics: 1. How to turn around a sick project? 2. Problem Solving for Project Management 3. The bigger picture about Risks Management 4. Leadership Excellence of Coaching your team A preview of the first BrainHuddle: How to turn around a sick project? What is a project turnaround and why do we need it? Over the course of a project,

#BrainHuddle 101

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#BrainHuddle: A Project Management Meet-up. Why? At PMCC, we witness the changes in today's Industry 4.0 every day. People no longer have time to participate in trainings to further their education, competencies and knowledge. We especially see this phenomenon in project teams. Once a project begins, there is no turning back. Everyone is bound to the project and no one has the time or wants to make the time to go for trainings. This is why we created BrainHuddle. We feel, that with a short intervention of practical and applicable learning topics as well as an interaction

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