To have a PMP certified as a title is a very good recognition in the business world, especially for a project manager.  The project management standardisation and certification started in the 90’s and became more important in the last few years. Since Project Management Institute (PMI) launched the PMBOK Guide 6th Edition in 2017, it is the quasi-standard for project management with the additional content on agile project management.

Following are details about why it is so valuable and how you can manage your busy schedule to make time for PMP.

Act As A Testimonial.

If you work in the project industry and you would want to work in large scale or Government projects, a PMP certification is made mandatory or at the very least, a strong advantage. In our opinion, being PMP certified does not state that you are a great project manager, however it shows that a person has a basic understanding about project management and the processes to it. Industry knowledge and experience is a key element for a project manager and one of the most important parts or project management is personal leadership.

A Learning Tool.

To obtain a PMP Certificate is good practise as you learn the standard project vocabulary and it will be easier to communicate. You also learn the necessary processes in a project. You learn the formulas for earned value management which is the essence of a fully resourced schedule. And the beauty of the new standard is, that it includes modern techniques with agile project management, typically used for software projects.

Tutor, Tips and Tricks.

PMCC CORPORATION is now supporting the full process to obtain the PMP Certification for you to learn online, yet to have a professional tutor to get questions answered and to keep the momentum in your learning and certification process. PMCC as your trusted project partner provides you with a study plan tailored to your personal pace and availability. Our study tips and tricks will enable you to pass the exam in the first attempt. This is because we have hundreds of exam training questions, whereby the tutor can review the performance.

Don’t forget to check your eligibility for the PMP certification.

At Your Own Pace And Time.

With our smart phones we are more and more connected, either shopping, social media, work and studying. It is getting tougher and tougher to find time for a normal face to face training class. E-learning has its advantages as you learn via different media – to read – to listen and to watch your subjects. It is also available on a 24 hours basis and it allows us to study at your own pace.

A Training Plan.

There is a disadvantage though. Your personal discipline to study regularly matters most. We at PMCC are aware about our human nature and therefore offer the tutoring. To start the course, we setup a training plan with you to lock your commitment with the tutor over a couple of weeks. The tutor can see your progress online and you can interact with the tutor and ask questions. The important part during the studies are the practise exam questions. These have to be mastered in order to pass the exam. That’s where the tutor is supporting you and coach you through.

Goal Is Gold.

Set a goal for when you want to do your exam. An ideal timeline for your study plan until the exam is about 10 to 15 weeks. In that time, you need to read  the entire PMBOK Guide at least once and study the PMP e-learning preparation course. We suggest that you do plenty of exam questions and at least one mock up exam to get a feeling  of how the test will be and how it will feel to answer 200 questions within 4 hours. With the mock-exam report you will receive feedback which areas you already know well and those topics you need more study. If you have achieved 80% or more in your mock exam, and you study further on the weak points, then you have the confidence that you will pass the real exam at the first attempt! Your mock exam should be planned about 3 weeks before your real exam in order to have some time to make up for the weak points.

With all the above topics, PMI registration, exam planning and registration, we are here to assist you. You can do it. Check out our online course or call 03 7931 6352 to start now.