At PMCC, we provide a large array of planning services to ensure our clients have confidence, transparency and protection in terms of their project timing and completion. Plan your moves with the right feasibility, Client or Contractor project programming, claims, disputes and trainings.


  • As per PMCC credo: Start Where it Matters – AT THE BEGINNING
  • From very initial project idea, creating a robust and reliable programme for carrying out a project.
  • Assessing and reviewing tender programmes as to practicality, logic and realistic time period for carrying out the works.
  • The timeline works, if the logic is right, the sequence of actions are fine-tuned with the stakeholders
  • It is not about the tool used, it is about the stakeholder needs translated into stable requirements and brought into a WBS.
  • 3rd party programme auditing to identify issues and provide programme assurance


  • Developing the initial programme as the design progresses in terms of constructibility and detailing.
  • Reviewing contractor’s baseline programme on its logic, productivity outputs, realism of the project and compliance with the contract obligations.
  • Review progress onsite, contractors progress updates and progress reports providing independent analysis and ensuring accuracy.
  • Preparation of mitigation / acceleration options to deal with events of delay in order to maintain and complete the project on time.


  • Tender programme preparation to ensure ability to deliver project in the period stated within tender documents.
  • Preparation of baseline programme for the works, with sensible logic, realistic productivity outputs, and compliance with the contract obligations.
  • Review progress onsite, prepare regular progress updates and progress reports.
  • Preparation of mitigation / acceleration options to deal with events of delay in order to maintain and complete the project on time.


  • Identification of events that could impact on progress.
  • Assessment of events and their impact on the programme.
  • Prospective delay impacting.
  • Retrospective forensic delay analysis of events.
  • Submission of particulars and details of delay impacts.
  • Impacted as Planned, Time Impact Analysis and As Built Analysis


  • Independent expert reports for Arbitrations and Legal proceedings.
  • Robust and relied upon expert testimony.
  • Detailed forensic analysis of delays and allocation between client / contractor.
  • Independent analysis for alternative dispute resolution procedures – amicable settlement,  negotiation and dispute adjudication boards.


With the PMCC-FORENSIS training program, we help your project team to have a complete picture of project plan, understand all the costs, resources and demands associated with project. By attending our trainings for project controls strategy, baseline preparation, progress reporting and forecasting and management of critical path and float activities the project execution becomes much more realistic.

  • Schedule delays. Without a practical and accurate project plan, the schedule can be delayed by issues like late material delivery or insufficient manpower. If the delay is due to lack of resources, you could be waiting weeks or even months to get back on track.
  • Lack of sufficient resources.  PMCC-FORENSIS team accurately plan the project which you may underestimate the number of resources you will need.
  • Problems involved with progress monitoring. PMCC-FORENSIS team clearly define schedule that can be monitored and measure progress.

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