The PMCC Core Values Are Carried Forward, In Everything We Do.

At PMCC, we create our own North Star by focusing on the following precious values. This enables us to build an extraordinary culture with a maturity that sets us apart from the rest.


Positive mentality and attitude are key in our organisation, as they instill trust in our stakeholders. These values help to maintain go-getting, proactive and easy-going behaviour. For instance, if plans do not materialise as intended, we take it as a lesson learned, hold our heads high and keep moving forward. We stay rational, calm and composed at all times and in any situation. This creates inspiring leadership, exceptional teamwork and outstanding results in our projects, as well as promoting efficiency.


We experience quantum leaps through continuous improvement. Building a career in PMCC translates into acquiring knowledge and experience. Thus, corporate and individual development are both vital in helping us all to grow, learn and strive along with increasing market value. Regular courses, reading and educational videos – even becoming a trainer- combine powerfully to create high value and satisfaction.


We are in a serious business. Undoubtedly. However, our leadership style enables us to express our sense of humour with the team and clients, when it is appropriate. This makes for clearer communication, closer client relationships and, in many ways, less stress. Under certain circumstances, humour in a problematic and tense situation reveals opportunities for creativity and previously unconsidered solutions.