Construction is often labelled as “burning” the most money and resources at the peak season in the project. PMCC provides the complete construction works by selecting the right contractors, machinery and material. With our specialised team, we will oversee each constructing phase and ensure delivery as per specification and timeline.


We also have the necessary competence at hand to check the documentation, prepare the HIRAC and apply for work permissions. Special documentation, e.g. traffic management plans, lifting plans and others are in within our portfolio.

During the construction phase, work safety is of paramount. We have our own safety managers and safety officers to take care of a healthy and safe environment. Regular training and safety campaigns will support the zero LTI target.


For the tracking of construction progress, we have specialised measurements for each section, component or part in the scope of work. We use earned value progress, supported with the necessary inspection reports. In enhancing of the construction progress, we use aerial survey via drones to video report the construction site on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Our reporting, together with the video footage will provide a comprehensive report based on evidence and to ease communication with all project stakeholders via cloud services.