PMCC believes that contract is the heartbeat of any project and a sound understanding and a proper management of it, reduces parties’ exposure to unnecessary contractual risks.  PMCC Contract Services provides comprehensive, rounded advisory and consultancy services which are key to construction projects.

We focus on ensuring that our clients’ rights, liabilities & obligations are known, understood and adhered to in order to maximise financial reward of projects and limit potential risks.  Our core services are described below.


Upon appointment of a project, PMCC provide Contract Administrators to actively execute projects in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract.  This process starts with the formation of a ‘rights and obligations schedule’ and an overall ‘contract optimisation strategy’ to identify where opportunities can be created and where major risks are that need to be actively defended against and protected from becoming a reality.  Our contract administration methodology is further supported by the use of ‘contract tracker or dashboard’ that help to consistently provide a holistic view of current contractual position and identification of ‘contract red flags’.  From there our Contract Administrators will raise and respond to contractual letters, issue contractual notifications, compile and advice on documentation and records which should be kept and detailed in case of a formal claim process requires to be carried out.


At the stage of selecting a form of contract or creating a bespoke contract, PMCC shall provide experienced and reasoned advice on the best form of contract to select as well as guidance on common issues and resolution methods to protect your interests.

If a contract has already been selected, PMCC can provide a contract ‘health check review’; namely to identify the key rights, liabilities & obligations of the proposed contract terms and conditions and advise on amendments in order to provide further protections, transfer risks, enhance your rights or incorporate opportunity in the contract for later benefit during execution.

Our methodology is a flexible tool which may be applied across any stages of contract formation which include reviewing tender documentation risks.


PMCC believes that the risks associated with contractual and commercial claims should be managed at the outset of a Project’s commencement.

Whether you’re a client or a contractor, PMCC are able to advise on an overall ‘claims management strategy’ which focuses on your rights and obligations under the contract.  As an example, if you were a contractor, our focus is to reduce your exposure from any disentitlement to claim (e.g. time bars) and ensuring that you diligently pursue your rights in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract (e.g. know what to claim, how to claim and when to claim).

Should your project suffer delay and disruption issues, PMCC are able to prepare a full and comprehensive claim documents or defend against the same. This will include both the contractual entitlement, assessment of time and cost impact associated with this.


PMCC provide legal support for the purpose of Arbitration and construction related court cases; i.e. Expert Witness, Technical Reviewer, etc.

We also provide services in dealing with payment disputes through adjudication under CIPAA 2012.


The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting the construction industry and supply chains in an unprecedented way. It’s important that you protect your contractual rights and deliver on your obligations protecting from both time and cost implications. Issues encountered may include a clear inability to perform during a restricted movement or lockdown period, however also a frustration of progress and loss of efficiency in productivity output after restrictive SOP’s are adopted. PMCC can support you on contract entitlement reviews, notification preparation and claim preparation to enable you to protect against these programme implications and also seek recovery of cost entitlements under your contracts.

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