Job Opportunity: Senior Consultant – Project Management 

Working and building a career at PMCC CORPORATION is special and exciting, as we believe in a different approach to daily operations as our Clients expect solutions and results for their projects. We have vast resources in PMCC. However, these resources are only as good as you use it. Therefore, one of our principles is continuous improvement and learning.

As example, we have a library of leadership, management and project management books and audiobooks. We use it on a daily basis to stay informed, educated and ahead of the crowd. In our weekly forum we sit together as a team and review the week for the success and those events which can be improved or learned from for future actions. We apply critical thinking as a team and give valuable feedback to each other.

We use the latest technology to expedite our tasks. PMCC expect you to use this technology to the fullest for higher efficiency and effectiveness even in a virtual business arrangement. Are you a leader or a manager? In PMCC, you need to do both. We believe strongly in leadership on each level and in each situation. Once you know where you want to go, then you can manage your way forward.

In PMCC we are striving for the extraordinary. Having fun every day while working is important for us. In other words, we push ourselves and the team towards greatness with humour, serious resource pools and personal commitment. Your positive psychology becomes an asset for the PMCC Team and it will have a positive effect to our Clients.

The PMCC Culture is similar to McKinsey as a consultant and Google for the office culture. We have open communication and support each other to grow personally and professionally. Different opinions are appreciated and shall be discussed across the organisation. Networking and collaborating for best results is mandatory.

The Following List Of Values And Traits Are Our Guidelines

The PMCC Culture and Values tend to be on the high end of employee skills, capability and competence. It shall reflect the mature personality of people. PMCC Management and PMCC Clients expect this high end and maturity level to deliver results and sustainable value for PMCC and the Clients. In return, PMCC is offering maximum flexibility to the employees as far it is possible with Clients commitments and expected results.

We are seeking the talents in this world. Based on your talent, we will place you in our ongoing projects or we will find a suitable project for you. You can send your CV through our contact page.