Pride, Joy and Relief.

Being in this office daily is one thing. But being in the office hosting an event is a completely different experience. The most satisfying part of the evening for many of us was the look on people’s faces as they digested the new office. It releases a feeling of pride, joy and relief, knowing that our months of hard work had finally paid off. Our guests’ appreciation of our attention to detail in this office, our service of beverages and food and their overall well-being and comfort in our office warmed our hearts. Knowing that this place isn’t only for us, but for others as well.

Harmony in One Place.

The office filled up quickly, but there was an order in all that chaos, a complete and utter atmosphere of liveliness and tranquility. There aren’t many things that can cause this kind of harmony in one place, but when old friends meet again, and new ones are made, it connects everyone in the room and for that, we are grateful because we had the chance to look back, and nostalgically remember where each of us started and therefore be able to ambitiously look forward to the future. Even those who couldn’t make it to the actual event were there with us, either in form of beautiful flowers, notes or letters. 

Committed to Strive, Grow and Learn

Later that evening, with a speech from our Managing Director, Peter Wyss, he described his last ten years since founding PMCC CORPORATION. We are honoured to have His Excellency Michael Winzap, the Swiss Ambassador of Malaysia,  to officiate the office. With this, we are committed to strive, grow and learn for another ten years, at least.

Thank You.

To give some small thanks back to our guests we decided to have a lucky draw and give away some of our exclusive PMCC merchandise, but of course this didn’t measure up to the appreciation we feel towards our clients, friends, guests and you, even with all the cake. We would like to thank George Pauli for the wonderful speech and everyone else for all the heart-warming congratulatory notes, comments and gifts, as well as just being there, with us, for this extraordinary event in our lives. Cheers to another, 10 years!

Dear Peter,

Congratulations to 10 successful years! All the best for all your future endeavours

His Excellency, Michael Winzap, Switzerland Ambassador

I know Peter in 2002, when I met him, he was in charged to build the CTC in KTMB. That was in the year 2002. And the first document I got from him was a complete CTC, drawings. Thank you for that very much. At that yeas in year of 2002. The second event… and I think everybody from us can admire what Peter with his company and his team have achieved

George Pauli, MRCB George Kent Sdn. Bhd.