Talent Management


The right person at the right place makes a big difference for successful project delivery. Due to our long term experience with projects in the local market, we know what is required to get the job done. We also know the key people in the project industry who can deliver the job. The combination of our expertise from completed projects and our project management courses will add the necessary competence to the people we provide for your project.

We use the competence model from IPMA® “individual Competence Baseline” Ver4.0 to qualify a person for a specific job and on top the work attitude one has.

The IPMA definition of competence is the application of knowledge, skills and abilities. However, what we like is the fact that experience plays a significant role and is the key to success factor to the growth of the individual.

Knowledge – is the collection of information and experience that an individual possesses. As example, understanding the concept of a Gantt Chart might be considered knowledge.

Skills – are specific technical capabilities that enable an individual to perform a task. For example being able to build a Gantt Chart.

Ability – is the effective delivery of knowledge and skills in a given context. For example, being able to devise and successfully manage a project schedule might be considered ability.

Because we have worked with the individual or we know the individual from a project management course, we also have an idea about the personality and the attitude which is the essence of a successful team. That’s the combination we offer in our workforce solutions.

As a special service we also offer team supervision to check regularly the team performance, find out issues or conflicts and sort it out either via team meetings and team development or individual coaching.