Project Engineering


Not every project requires engineering, however, EPC projects do. We are in the field of industrial projects where Engineering plays a huge role and is most of the time the critical success factor for project completion.

We provide the necessary engineering for EPC projects where and when it is required with the right competency. To cover our trade, we have specific expertise available.  For Special demands we will source for the right engineer. However, our speciality is the systems engineering which is required to interface the different fields of engineering and to deliver an integrated solution.

Our engineers are experienced project engineers who also worked in the field and can think of practical solutions. Our drafters are also engineers and got the experience from several projects and can deliver either 2D or 3D solutions. We also perform simulations either for train operation, signalling, power studies, material handling, steel structures etc.

Our engineering tracking is based on earned value and the engineers understand the fact that the result counts with approved construction drawings. We also add value engineering which is looking forward and provide necessary space, provisions and preparation for future expansions or integration..

In some cases, it requires operational studies of existing systems in order to integrate the new design with the existing operation. Again, it is systems integration we fully provide during the engineering life cycle in the capacity as systems engineer and engineering manager.